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4G race: network operators struggle for subscribers

The 4G competition has begun heating up, with service providers affirming they don’t…

Top-tier schools criticized for ‘playing unfair’

Many top-tier universities have been denounced for ‘playing unfair’ and scrambling for students…

Rare wildcat allegedly photographed on Da Nang’s Son Tra peninsula

An amateur wildlife photographer might have photographed a rare wildcat on Son Tra…

Hydropower plants in danger as water capacity reaches high levels

Irrigation works and hydropower reservoirs are at risk of damage as the storm…

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Thap Muoi lotus lake lures tourists

Nguyen Truong An’s lotus lake in My Hoa commune, Thap Muoi district, Dong Thap province has become a top destination for lotus lovers in the last three years.

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Society / Youth

Vietnam wishes to further trade ties with Paraguay

Vietnam wants to promote relations with Paraguay in various fields, particularly trade and culture, based on the sound political relations between the two countries.

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Economy / Business


HCM City, Lotte group seal deal to build Eco Smart City,US company seeks to build solar energy plant in Can Tho,Dung Quat oil refinery works on expansion project,Manufacturing, processing industry…

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Science / Education

Will Vietnam’s uni grads go abroad to harvest vegetables?

Doubting the feasibility of MOLISA’s plan to export university graduates, experts say they may have to take manual work as Vietnam’s degrees are not recognized in other countries.

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Sports / Entertainment

Stage set for epic showdown at Chess World Cup 2017

One of the fiercest rivalries in the world of chess today has resumed with the announcement by Magnus Carlsen that he will compete at Chess World Cup 2017 set for…

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Hi-Tech / Internet / Autos

BPhone: can it compete with foreign-made products?

When asked recently about the position to display Vietnamese-made smartphones at The Gioi Di Dong, an official pointed to a corner of the showroom, behind shelves for accessories.

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