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Swimming to become compulsory at school? Education Ministry says yes, parents no

While the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has said that adding swimming…

APG cable improves Vietnam’s internet security

Though the APG submarine cable broke twice in six months, Vietnam Internet Association’s…

Hundreds of households move out of landslide-stricken areas

The government has instructed local authorities to evacuate people from landslide-stricken areas to…

Online tourism market still big enough for Vietnam’s OTAs

Having been in Vietnam for a long time, foreign online travel agents (OTAs)…

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First Cần Thơ-Bangkok direct flight takes off

The first direct flight from the Mekong Delta city of Cần Thơ to Bangkok, Thailand, took off from Cần Thơ International Airport on Tuesday morning, carrying 179 passengers. 

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Tourism plans in Mekong Delta called too ambitious

The Mekong Delta expects 34 million travelers by 2020, but the goal is out of reach if local tourism continues to operate in the traditional way.

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Vietnam kicks off update of NDCs to realise Paris Agreement

A workshop was held in Hanoi on June 28 to kick off the review and update of Vietnam’s nationally determined contributions (NDCs) which are meant to realise the Paris Agreement…

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Fake HCM City cop who preyed on foreigners goes on trial

A serial-offending Vietnamese man who was accused of posing as a policeman to rob foreigners in HCM City finally faced trial on June 28.

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Vietnam lacks highly-skilled IT workforce

Delegates to a seminar held in Ho Chi Minh City on June 28 raised concern about the lack of highly-skilled IT workforce in the country. 

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