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Consumers wary of switching to E5 gasoline

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The total consumption of the biofuel E5 in the first half of the year saw a 31.18% increase year-on-year, reaching some 1.78 million cubic meters.

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Biofuel E5 is sold at a gas station in HCMC. Many consumers are wary of switching to E5 gasoline


Most vehicle owners are reportedly unsure about purchasing the biofuel, including those who own budget motorbikes and cars, and prefer RON 95 petrol.

Quang, who lives in Hanoi, tried using E5 for his four-seater Suzuki. The car ended up losing its momentum during acceleration. However, it operated smoothly after being filled with RON 95. Therefore, Quang decided to use RON 95 as usual, even though it is more expensive than E5 and despite the Government’s encouragement to opt for E5 for the sake of the environment.

Another resident of Hanoi, Thai, also preferred RON 95. He had once filled his Airblade scooter with E5, following which the two-wheeler became noisier than usual. The scooter even broke down during a ride.

According to data from the Domestic Market Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the local consumption of E5 in the January-June period accounted for 40.18%, while RON 95 made up the remaining consumption.

However, some fuel traders saw a higher percentage of bio-gasoline consumption compared with all other fuels combined during the first six months of 2018. For instance, bio-gasoline of the Military Petrochemical Company saw a 62.53% consumption rate, while Petrolimex and PVOil recorded 47.7% and 50.15%, respectively.

The consumption of E5 varies across the country, with the north recording the highest volume, followed by the central and southern regions.

The local gasoline consumption has shown signs of growth; however, data from PV Oil indicates that the firm’s output of the biofuel in the first half of the year failed to meet the initial target, which was attributed to consumer habits.

According to many experts, to promote the consumption of E5, the related agencies should publicly announce the pilot results of using the biofuel in common engines of motorcycles and cars, so that the locals have more confidence in using this gasoline, in addition to enjoying its benefits in the long run.



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