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Foreign-made goods overwhelm local markets

At most grocery stores, supermarkets, and trade centers in Ho Chi Minh City, foreign-made products outnumber domestic-made goods and remain more popular as supermarkets and trade centers continue to import them, even  though these can [ … ]


International brands landing in Vietnam post-haste

The big guys in the fields of fast food, drinks, luxurious consumer goods have all set foot in the Vietnamese market, where the annual average income per capita is only $1,200, but the upper [ … ]


Fiscal climate too gloomy for FDI

It is vital that Viet Nam improves its investment climate to increase the flows of top-quality foreign direct investment (FDI) to the country, when most other Asian markets have also emerged [ … ]


Food producers find ray of hope in byproducts

While many food producers are struggling to find markets, some companies have found success in exporting byproducts.


Processing industry remains a key engine for export

Phan Van Chinh, the Director of the Import and Export Department under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) when reviewing Vietnam’s exports and imports in the first half of this year s [ … ]


M&A market touches US$5 bln

The Viet Nam market for Merger & Acquisition (M&A) grew strongly after five years of founding (2009-2013) and was estimated to value US$5 billion in 2012.


Vietnamese garment firms can set only one foot in US market

Being one of the five biggest garment suppliers in the world, but Vietnam’s garment export turnover only accounts for 4-5 percent of the global market share. In the US, the biggest export ma [ … ]


Low occupancy rates drive away hotel investment

Many hotels in Vietnam have been put up for sale, one of the signs that there are fewer investors interested in this sector in Vietnam.


Fashion brands face danger on home market

As committed under the bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements, Vietnam would have to remove the import tariffs on consumer goods, including fashion products.


Steel giant reports large losses in first half

The majority of the Viet Nam Steel Corporation's (VNSteel) associate companies have reported losses and face difficulties due to the quiet real estate market and lower market prices.


Large inventories plague local companies

Inventory is still a major concern for Vietnamese businesses, according to a survey released yesterday at a seminar held in HCM City.


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