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Trying to export more catfish, VN firms do harm to themselves

The prices of catfish exports to the US increased for a very short time before dropping dramatically now. This has been attributed to the unreasonable export strategy.


Breach of competition law seen in drug market

Signs of violation of the Competition Law have emerged in the pharmaceutical market of Vietnam, said Nguyen Phuong Nam, deputy director general of the Vietnam Competition Authority under the [ … ]


Detergent market suddenly gets fierce

The detergent market, which has been “peaceful” over the last three years, has suddenly become boisterous.


Retail giants target Viet Nam

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Foreign retail giants have shown their hunger to develop modern retailing in Viet Nam by pouring money into trade centres and supermarkets.


Malaysia’s cosmetic lens sales driven by fashion trend

Malaysia’s beauty contact lens is rapidly gaining grounds among the young and trendy, especially those living in the urban areas, according to the latest retail audit report by GfK.


Viet Nam private equity outlook bounces back

Investors viewing Viet Nam's investment environment favourably has increased over the last six months, according to a bi-annual survey on the nation's private equity outlook done by Grant Th [ … ]


1st VN vegetable batch sent to EU after export resumption

The first batch of Vietnamese fresh vegetable has successfully been exported to the EU after more than a year suspension, the Center for Post-Entry Plant Quarantine announced on Friday.


Shrimp exports top $1b in H1

The country's shrimp exports in the first half of this year were estimated to be worth US$1.03 billion, increasing 1.5 per cent over the same period last year.


Vietnamese catfish exports to US continue to rise

Even though the total Vietnamese catfish export turnovers in the first five months of this year suffered a slight decline, shipments to the US market posted a nearly 4 percent increase, the [ … ]


Smuggled Chinese sturgeon flood southern market

While local farming businesses only supply two to three tons of sturgeon to the market every day, up to 15 tons of the fish are smuggled from China into the country on a daily basis.


Cold drink market effervescing

The two big guys -- Coca-Cola and Pepsi, have slashed their glass bottled products’ prices. Who would be the victims of their move?


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