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Vietnamese insurers deploy their troops overseas

The Foreign Investment Agency (FIA) has noted the growing tendency of Vietnamese businesses making outward investment when the domestic market has become narrower for them.


Export firms look to Africa, Middle East

Africa and the Middle East were potential markets where Viet Nam could boost exports, said speakers at a conference yesterday organised by the Viet Nam Trade Promotion Agency.


Exports to S Korea leap this year

Viet Nam has emerged as South Korea's fourth biggest exporter, with a total turnover of US$2.2 billion for the first four months of this year, up 36 per cent year-on-year.


Sustainable links needed

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Ho Thi Kim Thoa told the Conference on Market Stabilization Program 2012 with vision toward 2013 that close links are an important factor to ensure long [ … ]


Vietnamese-Latin American trade to reach US$7 billion in 2015

Latin American countries have had Asia-oriented external economic development policies. This offers opportunities for developing trade between Latin America and Asia including Vietnam.


Suspected of being Chinese produce, Vietnamese fruits unsalable

Being watchful over Chinese toxic goods, Vietnamese consumers have turned their back to many kinds of farm produce. As a result, real Vietnamese farm produce have been unsalable.


Convenience shop popularity threatens local supermarkets

Convenience shops in HCM City are giving traditional markets and even supermarkets a run for their money as they become more popular with local residents.


HCM City to run Myanmar trade shows

HCM City's local government and agencies will be launching three trade promotional programmes in the growth-potential Myanmar market from June 5-10.


Retailers hurry to expand distribution networks despite low demand

Supermarkets remain cool these days because of the low purchasing power, but the competition among supermarket chains has got scorching hot.


Exports to Germany hit US$1.6 bln

Vietnam raked in US$1.6 billion from exports to Germany in the first four months of this year, a year-on-year increase of 24.8 percent.


Bright outlook for trade ties with Brazil


Viet Nam's exports to Brazil had a higher growth rate than other Asian countries in the first four months of the year, reports Thoi bao kinh te Viet Nam (Viet Nam Economic Times) newspaper.

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