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Government issues new decree on multi-level marketing plans

The Government has issued a new decree which it says will help build a "clean and transparent multi-level marketing environment".


New regulations on banking guarantees for home purchases

The State Bank of Việt Nam has issued a circular to amend Circular No 07/2015 on bank guarantees.


Decree declares state monopoly in 20 goods, services

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The government has issued Decree No. 94/2017/ND-CP declaring the State will hold the monopoly in the production and trading of 20 goods and services as from October 1 this year.


Import of goods for trading in VN: procedures for foreign and Vietnam-based merchants

According to Government Decree No. 187/2013/ND-CP, enterprises established under Vietnamese law have the right to import and export goods regardless of their registered business lines, excep [ … ]


How foreign commercial mediation institutions operate in Vietnam

Can foreign commercial mediation institutions be established and operate in Vietnam?


Foreign investment: what you need to know

When making an investment in Vietnam, foreign investors must study the feasibility of the project based on various factors. One of them is that the investor must make sure if the business se [ … ]


Licensing fees for foreign financial institutions rise

Licensing fees for foreign financial institutions rise

A new fee schedule will apply for the granting of licenses to foreign financial institutions in Vietnam from January 1, 2017. 


New regs issued on debt and asset trade

The Ministry of Finance has issued a directive on the financial management of the Debt and Asset Trading Corporation (DATC), which will be enforced on November 1, 2016.


Circular on electronic certificate of origin issued

The industry and trade ministry has enforced Circular No. 22/2016/TT-BCT, which pertains to the use of electronic certificate of origin (C/O) under the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreeme [ … ]


The Commerce Act: how to comply

According to the Commerce Act 2005, although goods have been delivered to and are paid by the agents, goods’ owners are still the principals. The principals should, therefore, specify severa [ … ]


Understanding new Civil Code essential

The 2015 Civil Code, which will take effect January 1st, 2017, discusses risks that enterprises should take into consideration when creating contracts for the sale of goods, machinery, equip [ … ]


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