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An autumn paradise off the beaten track

Tourists are able to relax near the tranquil waters in Thung Nai.

Long ago, deer would graze in the mountain and fields near the water of the Da River. It was because of this everyday sight that the valley was named Thung Nai, which translates to the "Valley of [ … ]


Thai culinary and culture week to be held in Hanoi

The Thai Culinary and Culture Delight Week will be held in Hanoi from December 1 to 6 to celebrate the Thai National Day, which falls on December 4.

Fix if with goat

Cooks prepare grilled chopped goat meat in Ho Chi Minh City’s restaurant. Goat meat and organs make for tasty meals, and a few useful health remedies as well. Here are some recipes for various ailments as recommended by our frequent contributor Hoai Vu.

Seeking new location for 2km painting

The initial sketch of the giant painting.

Painters who participate in the over 2km-long painting project named “Hanoi-Legends” have been surprised they are not allowed to display it on the outside wall of the Van Mieu Temple.


Chopper way to see the bay

Winging it: Passengers take a trip to Ha Long Bay on a Russian-made MI-17 helicopter.Cuong, who works for a Ha Noi-based Luxury travel company, has accompanied tourists on a helicopter five times, but it's his first journey to Ha Long Bay.

Ngo Luc and Body Art 2 wakes up “motionless dummies”

Ngo Luc and his models recently presented an inspirational party of body art at La Cantine in HCM City, the Body Art 2 show. Accompanied by pianist Vu Nhat Tan, the show is the second part of Ngo Luc' [ … ]

Emergency Room: news in arts

In the last 20 days, the “Emergency Room” exhibition at the Vietnam Art University in Hanoi has become an art space with real life issues.


Japanese flower art on show in Hanoi next month

Ikebana, the unique Japanese art of flower arrangement, will be showcased at an event in Hanoi early next month.

Dalat from a different perspective

A greenhouse growing colorful flowers in Dalat City.

Dalat, the city of flowers, is not strange to tourists with its famous sightseeing spots such as Lang Biang Mountain, Xuan Huong Lake and Than Tho Lake. If this is your first time to this romantic lan [ … ]


Standing on tradition

Cu Da is one of only two ancient villages in Hanoi that still offers an ideal place to explore the culture of the Red River Delta

But for how long, visitors to the northern village of Cu Da are bound to ask


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