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Countryside cuisine lure for tourists

Viet Nam expects to attract visitors worldwide, partly because of its traditional and countryside dishes.

Van Mieu steles endangered by human touch

Eighty-two stone steles at Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam (Temple of Literature - first National University) in Hanoi are in danger of being irreparably damaged because of the large number of people who are [ … ]

Unmask your thoughts and feelings

Masks cover your face and hide your identity, help you play roles of personalities and creatures who are different from you.

Unraveling royal threads

A display of original royal suits belonging to the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945) to celebrate Hanoi's 1,000th anniversary showcases more than masterful tailoring.

Disappearing in the dark

Pho ga ta pho co eatery illuminated at night on Hanoi's busy Xa Dan StreetIf you want to try the best of Hanoi's gastronomic classics, you'll have to head out after dark to the capital's late-night curb-side food stalls before they vanish in the wake of a "clean the stre [ … ]

Comic singer releases album

Make 'em laugh: Veteran performer Ngoc Giau hopes her new album   will encourage young fans to learn more about cai luong (reformed   opera), a southern Vietnamese art form. - File PhotoPopular comedic singer and actor Ngoc Giau recently returned to her original art by releasing a new album featuring the traditional music of southern Viet Nam called cai luong (reformed theatre), [ … ]

Ho Chi Minh City - 100 Excitements announced

Ben Thanh Market at the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.The announcement ceremony of the "Ho Chi Minh City--100 Excitements" program, launched three months ago by the HCMC Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism, was held at the municipal Opera House [ … ]

The well-hidden charm

Poor tourism management has squandered Vietnam's beautiful landscapes and unique culture, leaving foreign travelers with boring tours and polluted beaches, experts said.

Light, shadow illustrate photographer’s philosophy

Dao Tien Dat began taking photographs at the age of 42, achieving fairly respectable success considering his late start.

Coming to Thanh Ha Pottery Village in spring time

A festival to worship the ancestor of Thanh Ha Pottery Village in Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province was held at Nam Dieu Temple in Thanh Ha Ward Wednesday morning on the tenth day of the lunar calendar. [ … ]

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