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‘Then' singing named national heritage

– Traditional ethnic Tay singing known as then was officially recognised on Sunday, Feb 17, as an example of the nation’s intangible cultural heritage by representatives from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.


Dragon dances

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In Asian culture, dragons are considered sacred animals, which have extraordinary powers and are the symbols of luck and good omens. Dragon also represents national power and is the racial o [ … ]


Rise of ‘Tai Tu’ traditional music

Having come to life about two centuries ago and becoming much loved by southerners of Vietnam, ‘Don Ca Tai Tu’ or Tai Tu music is deeply rooted in the culture and spirit of local people and [ … ]


Can Tho hosts second southern folk cake festival

The second southern folk cake festival will open on February 2 at the Hoa Su Restaurant in the Mekong Delta City of Can Tho, providing a cultural and gastronomic feast to welcome Tet (Lunar [ … ]


Theatre set up for Quan Ho folk songs

A theatre dedicated to Quan Ho (love duets), a folk singing in northern Bac Ninh province, has been established in an effort to preserve and promote the values of the art form.


Chau van singing – A unique feature of Vietnamese culture

To preserve and promote the art of Chau van singing, the French Cultural in Ha Noi and Viet Nam’s Chau van Singing Preservation Club recently organized a two-night Chau van singing performan [ … ]


Villagers carve out a wonder of melodious musical instruments

Hanoi, Dao Xa Village, craft village, Craft Master, Nguyen Xuan Soan

My father's Australian friend recently sent him an email to inform him that he would be visiting Viet Nam in early March, and expressed a desire to tour a craft village outside Ha Noi.  [ … ]


The virtue of dù kê performances

Dù kê is a popular form of folk art created by the Khmer in the Southwestern region of Vietnam. All performances praise the good and condemn the bad.


Festival honours fading tradition

The fourth national then singing festival is being held in Lang Son Province as part of the country's efforts to honour and preserve the traditional art of the Tay, Nung and Thai ethnic grou [ … ]


The mysterious stories of national treasures

For the first time more than 30 antiques are recognized by the government as national treasures. These treasures not only have historical values, but also contain mysterious stories of the e [ … ]


Ao Dai, Dan Tranh bustles American streets

Vietnamese girls in Ao Dai (traditional long dress) have paraded through the streets of California during the second Ao Dai Festival being held at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts [ … ]


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