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Mouth-watering local specialties made of frogs in Bac Giang

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Bac Giang has impressed tourists with some mouth-watering local specialties made of frogs.

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Frogs can be cooked into various dishes. Stir-fried frog is easy to make and is palatable to people with various tastes. For the dish, frog legs are mainly used and cooked with blumea lanceolaria, piper sarmentosum and tuong (fermented bean paste).

Meanwhile, the whole frog is minced and mixed with eggs, cloud ear fungus, scallion, salt and pepper to make fried chopped frogs. The mixture is then rolled into balls, which are then deep-fried. This dish is served with various kinds of veggies and dipping sauce.

Stuffed frog is made of the same ingredients with fried chopped frogs; however, its recipe is a little bit more intricate. Frogs’ skin is removed deftly while frog meat and bones are finely chopped up and combined with eggs, cloud ear fungus, scallion, salt and pepper. The blend is used as belly stuffing, which will be steamed and deep-fried.



Source: Nhan Dan

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