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Huynh De Crab

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There are many types of fresh and delicious yet cheap seafood in Khanh Hoa, such as shrimp, sea snails, mussels, lobsters, oysters, but Huynh De Crab is the most famous speciality.

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With a very special shape which resembles a small turtle, this rare type of crab is a must-have food during your stay in the coastal province.

Even though Huynh De Crab can be cooked in many different dishes, the simplest and tastiest dishes are still boiled or roast crab. 

Only when it is served without the “intervention” of other complicated spices can the crab meat really show its pure delicious flavor. 

It is best to eat Huynh De Crab with your hands without using a fork or knife. 

You carefully break off the claws, remove the shell, break the body in half, then pull each piece of white crabmeat out and dip it in the special lemon sauce before putting it into your mouth.

If boiled crab provides the purest and most natural flavor, roast crab has the salty taste of the sea. 

This dish is prepared in a more complicated way. First, the crab is hacked into small pieces and mixed with fish sauce and salt. 

The mixture is then poured into a hot frying pan and mixed again with some secret spices that only the local inhabitants know. 

When it is done, the dish has a yummy taste. It might be saltier than the boiled one, but the distinctive flavor of Huynh De crab still remains.



Source: Nhan Dan 

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