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Localities embrace Lunar New Year to lure visitors

Cities and provinces nationwide were bustling during the Lunar New Year, the most important festival of Vietnam, running from January 26 to February 2. 


Gifting coffins to the living is an act of respect for Vietnam’s Katu ethnics

Getting sent a coffin might be viewed as a life threat in most cultures, but for the Katu minority in central Vietnam, it is the ultimate sign of respect.


Glimpse of Vien Son harvest festival in Yen Bai province

As an important occasion for the Dao Do (red Dao) ethnic community in the northern province of Yen Bai, the harvest festival has been preserved for hundreds of years. 


The spiritual practice of ‘len dong’ in Vietnamese folk religion (photos)

Once condemned as superstitious and banned by the government, the indigenous ritual of ‘len dong’ has found its way back into the religious practice of the Vietnamese people.


Nghe - A Mascot in Vietnamese Culture

Nghe, a fictional creature with a lion-like head, a long tail and a dog-like body, is important like other mascots such as dragon and phoenix because it symbolises the intelligence.


[ … ]

Folk paintings of Sinh village

folk paintings of sinh village hinh 0

If Hanoi is famous for Hang Trong folk paintings and the northern delta has Dong Ho paintings, the central province of Thua Thien Hue boasts paintings of Sinh village.


Special goat fighting festival in Mu Cang Chai

special goat fighting festival in mu cang chai hinh 1

 The goat fighting festival, the second of this kind in the field, kicked off on September 20 within the framework of the Cultural and Tourism Week of Mu Cang Chai terraced field has at [ … ]


Central Highlanders keep brocade weaving alive

central highlanders keep brocade weaving alive hinh 1

Brocade weaving is a traditional handicraft of the Central Highlanders and plays an important role in their spiritual life. In the face of challenges from modern life, Central Highlanders ha [ … ]


Dong Ho folk paintings

 Dong Ho folk paintings are printed from woodblocks and created by Dong Ho villagers in Bac Ninh province.


Vietnam shamans invoke spirits to cure all that ails

Prolonged illness, spiritual possession, stress over family troubles: Len Dong, or Vietnamese shaman dance, posits itself as a cure for all ails


Nung’s birthday celebrations demonstrate filial piety

The Nung don’t commemorate the death anniversaries of the deceased. The children organize birthday celebrations for their parents to congratulate them on their longevity and show their deep [ … ]


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