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Vietnam needs a “conductor” to develop IT zones

Concentrated information technology (IT) zones in Vietnam will enter a new development period when the plan on developing IT zones by 2020 and the draft decree on IT zone management are approved. T [ … ]


Famous names in trade

Domain names after the name of famous businessmen and singers are now offered for sales on many websites.


Vietnam Telecom 2010 to kick off in town this week

The 13th International Exhibition in Vietnam on Telecommunications and Information Technology, or the Vietnam Telecom/Electronics-Internet & IT 2010, will take place in HCMC from November 17-20 [ … ]


Save the world from climate change - by computer

Computer gamers who like a challenge can now take on one of the toughest around: saving the entire planet, this time from climate change.


Facebook to launch new message platform

Facebook announced on Monday that it would launch a new messaging platform, providing an email address of ""


Domestic market nearly saturated, time to make outward investments

The Military Telecom Company Viettel has won the bid and received a license to exploit the mobile telecommunications market in Mozambique in the southeast of Africa. As such, within just two years, [ … ]


Software revenue increases 40 times in 10 years

Việt Nam’s software industry is estimated to make revenues of US $2 billion this year, up 40 times against 10 years ago, and its workforce has grown 20 folds to over 100,000.


Auto sales keeps tumble

The sale of locally-assembled automobiles slipped to 10,400 units, an 11 percent year-on-year slump, according to the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers' Association (VAMA).


Breakthrough urged in software sector

The Software Association should promote research in advanced technologies and develop software to meet domestic demands, said Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan.


Curbing the dark side

Agreement and action is needed from all sides to tackle the negative aspects of online games.


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