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AAG cable breakdown affects internet traffic

The Asia America Gateway (AAG) undersea cable suffered a breakdown, cutting off all international connections through the AAG-SH1 branch of the line, an unnamed internet service provider in Việt Nam confirmed on Saturday afternoon.


Vietnam advised to experiment with 5G by 2020

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Though 4G is still in early development, experts say Vietnam should think of preparing for 5G soon.


Vietnamese telecom company introduces unbelievable 4G service in "Golden Pagoda" country

In 2016, when Wai Zin Min was 20, his country went through an event that would change its history: the US lifted its two-decade-old embargo on Myanmar.


Việt Nam to get 5G in two years

In one or two years, 5G technology will be ready for deployment in Việt Nam, according to Ericsson’s head of network solutions in Việt Nam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.


Online touts offer FIFA World Cup tickets at up to 10 times official price

Kaspersky Lab has identified phishing emails from fraudsters offering users the chance to snap up much sought after ‘guest’ tickets to the 2018 FIFA World Cup – but at a higher price than so [ … ]


Government issues warning on router-hacking virus

The Ministry of Information and Telecommunications’ Authority of Information Security on Tuesday warned that routers and storages in Việt Nam have been exposed to the VPNFilter vir [ … ]


Vietnam’s Internet slowed down over two consecutive submarine cable repairs

Vietnam’s Internet connection through the Asia America Gateway (AAG) cable system is being dragged to a snail’s pace for some users


Internet users to have code of conduct

The Ministry of Information and Communications plans to build a code of conduct for internet users to create a healthy networking atmosphere in the country.


Quảng Bình to offer Wi-Fi across 12 locations

The central province of Quảng Bình has plans to introduce free Wi-Fi coverage at 12 locations around the province, including the coastal and island localities.


Cyber security regulations should ensure business rights

The cyber security law should be built on a careful assessment of its impacts on businesses and ensure the development of information technology and telecommunications, according to experts [ … ]


Asia-Pacific Gateway submarine cable problem fixed

Asia-Pacific Gateway (APG) International’s undersea cable problem, which occurred at 11.50pm on Monday, was completely fixed on Wednesday at 5.10pm.


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