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How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi makes it easier for you to work on the go--and easier for other people to sneak a peek at your data. We'll show you how to remain secure on public wireless networks.



Apple clamps down on code tools

Apple has clamped down on the software tools that developers can use to write programs for the iPhone.



Photoshop CS5 Beta: Lots of Refinements to Solid Program

Adobe Photoshop CS5 HDR ToningWhenever a new version of an important program comes out, the need for it, depending on the changes, can run the spectrum--from it's-revolutionary, got-to-have-it-now to ho-hum, I-can-wait-for-the-nex [ … ]

Microsoft Kin Two: Stylish, but Missing Some Key Features

With a better design and stronger specs, the Kin Two (Verizon; price TBA) outshines its sibling, the Kin One. But it isn't perfect: Limitations and omissions within the software keep it from being a t [ … ]

Vietnam sets scorching pace in Internet use

While the Internet usage rate in Vietnam is almost the same as other Southeast Asian countries, it has seen a more rapid increase in the number of Internet users – nearly 10.9 percent over the past [ … ]


Software copyrights to be checked at small businesses

The inspection of software piracy in Vietnam has been implemented for seven years. This year inspections will be tightened at small and medium enterprises, revealed the chief inspector of the Minist [ … ]

Porn games spread in HCM City

Games available in public allow players to spy upon girls bathing, couples kissing or people making love at Internet caf?s and shopping malls in HCM City. These "porno games" are popular with young [ … ]

Online advertising thrives in Vietnam

The revenue of the online advertising industry in Vietnam reached 278 billion dong in 2009, equivalent to $15.5 million, according a market research firm, Cimigo.

SXSW Notes: QR Codes Are Everywhere

imageEverywhere you go here you see little black and while QR Codes. On signs and posters, in magazines, on T-shirts, on badges . . . What are those things?


FCC Broadband Plan: FAQ

imagesWe'll get a preview of the future of Internet access proposed by the U.S. Federal Commmunications Commission, which will detail its National Broadband Plan Tuesday in an open meeting before formally p [ … ]

Playing porn games easy as pie in HCMC

A number of porn games are easily available in shopping malls, computer games shops and Internet cafes in Ho Chi Minh City although they are banned.

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