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Posting videos on Facebook via Yeah1 network could lead to bad content

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Yeah1, the multi-channel network on Youtube and Facebook, has launched a system allowing the sharing of revenue from videos posted on Facebook with fanpages that have at least 10,000 likes in Vietnam. 

This means that videos on fanpages can receive money from brands which advertise on Facebook on a CPC basis.

The management system allows video content makers to make money directly from posting their products on Youtube. This is an attractive way of making money for content producers, because they not only sell their content to Vietnamese, but to anyone in the world.

Following success on Youtube, Yeah1 has decided to use Facebook with the same model, which means more and more new business opportunities will be created.

However, analysts have warned that Yeah1 may also create more problems with its simple requirements (10,000 likes). It may happen that fanpage owners, who try run after profit, would produce ‘rubbish information’ on Facebook. 

In many cases, inaccurate information is shared on social networks, thus having negative impact on society. Therefore, analysts question Yeah1’s content control capability.

Meanwhile, Facebook has not made any official statement about the new way of making money for content producers. As such, a question has been raised on what basis Yeah1 is implementing the new policy. 

Yeah1 has possibly signed with Facebook a secret agreement on trying the model, or it may want to set up a content publishing network in anticipation of Facebook’s new policy application, so that it will become the pioneer in the field once Facebook makes official announcement. 

If Number 2 is the true answer, analysts say, Yeah1 is taking an adventurous step, and so are fanpage owners. If Facebook does not officially apply the new policy after two years, Yeah1 will have to stop the project, while fanpage owners who spend big resources on producing content, will also taste failure.

If Facebook applies the new policy as anticipated, Yeah1 will gain big success. However, an analyst commented, brands do not appreciate Facebook View higher than Youtube View. Facebook will need time, while it is trying to develop Live Stream feature to compete with Youtube.

He went on to say that Facebook, which now has a problem with fake news, will face even more problems if it applies the new policy. If anyone can make money on Facebook, ‘dirty’ videos and pirated stream films would increase on the social website.


Source:  VietNamNet


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