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Apple wants simpler procedures in Vietnam

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Apple Vietnam has proposed to remove some administrative procedures to advantage its business in the country.

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Apple suggested that it was unnecessary to apply for permission for every cargo, and that import licence for Apple Watches should be waived.

In order to boost trade and reduce clearance time, the Ministry of Finance has asked the Ministry of Industry and Trade to waive the import licence for mobile phones that use ground-based cellular towers. 

The ministry agreed to use certificates of conformity by prestigious foreign certification bodies as the basis for evaluating the quality of Apple's cargo before import.

According to Circular 18 about the issuance of import permits to radio transmitters and receivers, radio transmitters and radio transmitter-receivers with a frequency band of between 9 KHz and 400 GHz and a capacity of 60 Mw or more need import licenses. However, Apple Watches have a capacity of less than 60 Mw so they do not require an import permit.

The ministry also suggested reviewing Circular 18 and removing the import licence requirements in unnecessary cases.

Apple Vietnam were established in 2015. It is being managed by Gene Daniel Levoff, the Vice President of Corporate Law at Apple Inc and Apple Operations International. Apple are only focusing on product distribution and customer services in Vietnam.  



Source: Dtinews 

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