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Website developers make up nearly three-fourths of IT workforce

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Website developers account for the largest proportion of Vietnam’s total information technology (IT) workforce, at 74.8%, according to a report of Vietnam’s recruitment website for IT jobs TopDev.

The report, which focuses on salary levels of programmers and positions for which the sector has high demand, shows that big data analysts and those with machine learning skills have been offered the highest salaries this year.

The Vietnamese Mobile Dev market has retained its growth this year and enterprises are still in dire need of programmers. More than 60% of mobile service users prefer iOS and Android operating systems, so experienced workers involved in these sectors have also been paid high salaries, US$1,212 a month on average, after big data analysts with US$1,325.

Besides, machine learning engineers’ monthly wages have mounted to US$1,576, the highest among IT workers, followed by development and operations employees receiving US$1,575 per month.

Moreover, IT enterprises have offered an average of US$2,721 monthly for managerial positions.

According to the report, two-thirds of recruiters surveyed by TopDev have plans to raise wages for their staff by 6% to 20% next year.

TopDev conducted the survey on more than 5,000 candidates and 300 recruiters operating in the IT sector in Vietnam.



Source: SGT