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Vietnamese sue Apple for ‘purposely slowing down iPhones’

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Vietnamese have joined the community of iPhone users filing lawsuits against Apple for intentionally slowing down the phones as the devices' batteries aged.

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Vietnamese have decided to sue Apple


Lawyers Nguyen Ngoc Hung and Tran Manh Tung from Ket Noi (Connect) Law Firm belonging to the Hanoi Bar Association on January 10, 2018 filed a lawsuit against the US-based Apple group. 

Ket Noi set up a website at to which Vietnamese iPhone users can register to join the lawsuit.

Apple is facing multiple lawsuits after admitting slowing down iPhones without advanced warnings, even though the manufacturer has apologized to users and committed to replace batteries at the fee of $29.

The charge of $29 for a replacement battery has sparked criticism among Vietnamese iPhone users, who say the fee is too high. 

International mass media have reported that lawsuits have been filed in many countries, including 20 in the US.

Apple has been accused of deliberately causing defects to its products to drive consumers to either replace the battery for the phone or purchase new phones

According to Buu Dien, Apple’s revenue is over $1 billion a year in Vietnam, but the manufacturer’s post-sale services in Vietnam are poor compared with other markets.

The lawyers, who have sent a 600-page dossier on the case to the court, said they decided to file the lawsuit as consumers and lawyers.

“We want Vietnamese consumers to be aware that their rights and legal benefits are being compromised. Therefore, in the petition, we refer to Apple's responsibility to all consumers in Vietnam, not just to us,” Lawyer Hung said.

The HCM City People’s Court has received the petition and associated documents. Apple’s official office, Apple Vietnam Co Ltd, is located in the city. 

The lawyers are preparing documents to inform Apple about the lawsuit in Vietnam.

Lawyers have filed two basic claims. First, Apple is responsible for fixing the problems and terminating damages caused to plaintiffs and consumers in Vietnam when using iPhone with a technical disability.

Second, for the products with technical defects, due to updating the new operating system, the defendant must take responsibility and compensate owners in accordance with the laws.

Specifically, Apple needs to repair the operating system and software so that phones can regain original performance, or replace the battery for free.

In Vietnam, Apple’s authorized warranty centers have begun replacing the battery for iPhone users, for about VND730,000.


Source: Buu Dien - VietNamNet

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