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Lecturer to commercialize his robots, 3D printers

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After designing multifunctional robots and winning prizes, Pham Viet Anh has decided to try to commercialize his products. 

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Pham Viet Anh's robot


Anh, of the Faculty of Mechatronics Engineering under the Hanoi University of Science & Technology, majored in biology in high school and had a great passion for electronic products. 

Anh’s first robot, with surveillance camera, cleaned the floor and vacuumed. He won third prize at the national innovation competition for youth and children.

Realizing that the robot had disadvantages, Anh set to work on another robot with many more functions. It not only cleans the floor and tidy up, but also sets alarms for fires and burglaries and waters plants. 

The robot can be operated either automatically and manually. For automatic parts, Anh attached gas, fire, temperature and humidity sensor units, which give off alarms. 

The robot also includes an automatic sensor on the engine that ‘takes action’ in case of accidents. 

For example, when discovering fire, the robot automatically sprays water, and sensing burglars, it sounds the alarm.

As for the engine, the robot is integrated with four wheels attached with four independent engines. In addition, the robot head turns up and down, attached to the camera LED system and robot arm in front. This helps the robot move easily.

After certain buttons are pressed, the robot which is controlled by a smartphone, can clean house, water plants, and fulfill tasks assigned by controllers. The robot is controlled by a smartphone.

The next-generation robot brought Anh the top prize at the national innovation competition for youth and children.

After gaining high awards with his robots, Anh decided to develop commercial products.

He began designing a 3D printer. Anh said the available printers have many weak points and still cannot be put into industrial production because of three reasons – size error, smoothness and print time. Most of the 3D printers created so far are just for fun, ad modeling and printing.

In related news, there is a robotic coffee shop in Hanoi, which attracts a large number of customers these days with a robot serving drinks to the tables. The robot is controlled by a touchscreen. It uses a battery which can run for 15 hours consecutively with a charging time of six hours and moves along a metal line on the floor.


Source: VNN

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