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Modern business: the age of chatbot

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Chatbot, a computer program which conducts conversations via auditory or textual methods, an important product of artificial intelligence, is being used widely by Vietnamese businesses.

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It's the age of chatbot


Harafunnel, a technology platform allowing users to create Chabot on Facebook Messenger, developed by Haravan, has attracted 15,000 users in Vietnam, though it was launched only several months ago.

Haravan’s CEO Huynh Lam Ho said that Harafunnel is the leader in South East Asia in the number of users. 

In Vietnam, it is being used by small and medium-sized shops, and manufacturing and retail companies such as Biti’s, The Coffee House and Juno.

Platforms like Harafunnel help businesses create an automatic sale center on Facebook. They can use the tool to collect omni-channel customer data, provide 24/7 customer care service, and set up automated marketing processes for free.

"By creating automatic chatbots and free re-marketing support, businesses can easily measure the level of interaction and marketing effectiveness in reality. That is why chatbots are liked by the online business circle," said Ho.

If compared with marketing via email, chatbot on Facebook Messenger has many advantages: it is free while the average percentage of readers is eight times higher.

In the last two years, thanks to competition among Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM, platforms have been created for developers to use, which has sped up the use of AI apps and chatbots.

Since 2017, many chatbots have become popular, thanks to use in marketing and sales on e-commerce platforms and customer care. The significant reduction in sales cost is a big advantage that has encouraged the creation of more and more chatbots.

New way of communication

Chatbots have been used in many fields. In late 2017, Da Nang municipal authorities piloted Danang FantastiCity chatbot app to serve visitors during APEC events.

The app, which can communicate in both English and Vietnamese, helps travelers search for information and find places. It is on Facebook and is compatible on mobile devices. 

Another well-known chatbot is Hearty, developed by Vietcode Project. This anonymous chatbot network connects high school and university students.

Finance, banking and insurance firms are pioneering the use of AI apps and chabots for customer care services in Vietnam. Aviva Vietnam, for example, has introduced Goodie as a Robot Chat with integrated diversified features serving customers 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Prior to that, Prudential Vietnam launched Prubot 24/7, a chatbot app that provides insurance consultancy. 

TP Bank has TAio embedded on Facebook Messenger to help consultants reply to customers’ inquiries.


Source: VietNamNet

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