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Gel bandage made of deer antler stem cells helps heal wounds

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The gel creates a bandage that contains tissue regeneration stimulants that help heal the wounds naturally.

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The bandage, in the form of gel, is easy to use


Since ancient times, deer antlers have been considered a precious drug element used in Oriental medicine. Recently, Western scientists discovered that deer antler contains valuable medical stem cells. Many products from stem cells of deer antler have been developed.

The bandage which contains nanocellulose was developed by SHTP Labs and The Gioi Gen. This is one of seven projects assigned by the HCMC Science & Technology Department to the HCMC Hi-tech Park.

Previously, the bandage was used only to stop bleeding and keep the wounds clean. However, the new-generation bandage, according to Le Van Lang, head of the project, has also had the effect of stimulating tissue regeneration. 

So, it is very useful to treat burns and chronic wounds caused by diabetic complications, and the ulcers on the bodies of paralized patients.

The bandage, in the form of gel, is very easy to use and it can work on every position of the human body.

The former head of the Laboratory for Stem Cell Research and Application Phan Kim Ngoc explained that the nanocellulose fibers in the gel act as the ‘substratum’ for the stem cells derived from deer antler. 

These cells act as factories that produce 17 substances that have an impact on wounds and stimulate healing.

Scientists said the bandage will open a new way for treating wounds caused by burns or diabetic complications. 

The product is being clinically tested at the National Institute of Burns, Hospital 105 and Saint Paul Hospital in Hanoi. The research team said the product has been registered with the Ministry of Health and is expected to be available in the market in October.

Declining to give details about the price, Lang said the product will cost about half the price of foreign products of the same kind. The product has a shelf life of up to 12 months.

In early 2018, HCMC proposed four science & technology research programs in 2018-2025 which aim to develop products with high practical value.

Of these, researching and developing technology on producing mesenchymal stem cells to serve healthcare is given special attention.

The survey by Pham Van Phuc from the HCMC Institute of Stem Cells showed that the demand for stem cells for treatment of diseases and aesthetics is very high. 

Dozens of stem cell products have been licensed, including products that can bring revenue of approximately $100 million a year.



Source: VietNamNet

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