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Intel chips getting more expensive

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Sales agents have confirmed that Intel chip supply faces a shortage, which has pushed the price up by VND1 million. 

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Intel chips are getting more expensive


Intel microprocessor selling prices in Vietnam have been increasing since mid-August. CPU Core i3-8100, for example, is selling at VND3.5 million, an increase of VND500,000 compared with the last month. 

Meanwhile, Core i5-8400 and i7-8700K chips have seen prices go up by VND1.2-1.5 million to VND6.2 million and VND10.5 million, respectively.

“The prices of graphics card and RAM had just decreased slightly when the CPU price increased. It’s so difficult to buy a computer to play games and work now,” said Nguyen Duc Hai, a student at Hanoi University. 

Nguyen Tai Tuan from a computer component retail chain confirmed that the microprocessor supply from Intel has dropped significantly in recent months and sales agents can order products in small quantities.

Meanwhile, a large number of CPUs were collected in the domestic market in early September to serve schools’ and offices’ computerization projects, causing a shortage.

The short supply is not only occurring in Vietnam. According to Techpowerup, the prices have escalated in the US and China as well. Intel Core i7-8700K is now selling at $400, higher than the initial price of $359.

Other microprocessors, such as Core i5-8400, which was priced at $184 at its debut, have also seen prices soar to $225. 

Meanwhile, $225 was the selling price of Core i5-8600, a more advanced model than 8400.

Techspot quoted its sources as reporting that one of the reasons behind the short supply is that the company is having problems with the 14nm production line. 

As Intel has shifted to make the 9th generation CPU on 10 nm process, it has had to cut the output of old-generation chips.

Moreover, it recently launched two new CPU products – Amber Lake and Whiskey Lake, also using the 14 nm process. 

“With the selling price escalating, Intel microprocessors now have to compete fiercely with AMD,” said Minh Duc from a computer distribution chain.

“With the price of VND2.6 million, users now can buy AMD Ryzen 3 2200G which has power similar to Intel Core i3-8100 while it is VND1 million cheaper,” he explained.

As for high-end products, users would be advised to choose Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 7 2700X at VND4.1 million and VND9.2 million. They both have the same performance like Intel’s i5-8400 and i7-8700K, but lower prices.

Intel’s processors have better performance and game compatibility than AMD's CPUs. However, with the current price difference, choosing AMD products to save money is a good choice.


Source: VNN

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