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Vietnamese scientist’s solar energy invention considered breakthrough

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Vietnamese researchers in Australia have announced a discovery which could be a breakthrough in the development of the solar energy industry.

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The researchers from the Australian National University (ANU) headed by Dr Nguyen Trong Hieu are the authors of findings which may create a revolution in the industry.

While most research focuses on improving the quality of the core part inside solar cells, Hieu and his co-workers gathered strength on the thin film layer on the top of the cell, which is several thousand times thinner than human hair. The thin layer is used to conduct electricity from the cell and protect the core part.

In early 2018, the researchers discovered that the thin cover could produce very special light. They quickly realized the presence of hydrogen atoms which can change the characteristics of the light. 

The discovery will be used later to learn about what happens inside the thin film layer.

In late 2018, the researchers found a method which allowed the integration of hydrogen atoms into the membrane to improve the quality of the entire solar cell. 

Hieu said that his experiments have shown that once hydrogen atoms are ‘injected’ into the membrane, instead of the cell core, the performance of the cell will be upgraded significantly. 

The biggest significance of the discovery is that it helps solar cells become stronger and more effective because scientists have found a method which can control the hydrogen content inside the membrane so as to have better solar cells.

Solar energy is the cheapest and cleanest type of energy. However, everyone knows that the use of the clean energy could create an environmental disaster.

When solar panels age, they become garbage “bombs” which could be dangerous. Scientists are still fumbling about how to treat solar cells when their life circle finishes.

However, with Hieu’s discovery, this could be delayed as the life expectancy of solar cells could be longer. 

Dr Nguyen Boi Khue, Vietnam's leading expert on electricity and electronics, said this was a remarkable progress for the solar industry. "Researchers often pay attention to the core part of solar cells, but forget the surface. Dr Hieu went another way and succeeded.”

In Vietnam, domestic, foreign investors run race to develop solar power projects. Solar power began booming in April 2017, when PM released a decision stipulating that EVN must buy all the electricity output from solar power plants at 9.35 cent per kwh, or VND2,086.

Scientists  believe that a panel made in China creates a volume of emission twice as much as a panel made in Europe.


Source: VietNamNet

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