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Patent fraud

This photo, taken on November 11, shows the front of An Khang Medical Practice in Ho Chi Minh City’Dodgy practitioners of traditional medicine are preying on the vulnerable with outrageous prices and dangerous prescriptions.

Local administrations should handle street food: NA

Localities nationwide should be authorized to manage and set up regulations on street food in their areas, a National Assembly committee has advised the health ministry.

Schools, classrooms provide poor eye care: conference

Around 2.8 million students in Vietnam have refraction problems and improper lighting at schools is a major cause, experts said at a Hanoi conference Wednesday.

Sand exporters hit by new laws

Sand exporters have complained to the Prime Minister after falling foul of new regulation. In early November, sand batches were stuck at seaports after the Government told provinces on September 29 to [ … ]

New property tax won’t stop speculation, lawmakers say

Legislators said Friday that a new property tax system proposed by the government would not reduce speculation on the real estate market as the rate was not a large enough to act as a deterrent.

Principal gets 10.5 years for statutory rape

Sam Duc Xuong at the police station of Vi Xuyen town, Ha Giang ProvinceA high school principal in the northern province of Ha Giang on Friday was sentenced to ten and half years in prison for having sex with multiple underage students, according to local newswire Vietnam [ … ]

Gone abegging

Gripping: Two toddlers cling on to a tourist’s legs as part of their day’s work begging for alms. Gripping: Two toddlers cling on to a tourist's legs as part of their day's work begging for alms. Finding answers to panhandling has to begin with asking the right questions.

Bird flu back again

Bird flu has returned after being quiet for some time, reported Veterinary Agency Vice-Chief Hoang Van Nam on November 2.

Legislators demand law on doctors’ ethics

Vietnam's National Assembly representatives demanded laws ensuring that doctors treat patients fairly at a session Friday.

Sweatshop found overworking underage kids

Nguyen Van Den (R) and his mother at Trung Vuong Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City on ThursdayA garment factory in Ho Chi Minh City has been found forcing its illegal under-age laborers to work 17-hour days after a 16-year-old employee was hospitalized last week.

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