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Hanoi starts catching stray dogs to fight rabies

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The local authorities in Hanoi have started to catch stray dogs on the streets of Thanh Xuan District in an attempt to fight rabies.

The dogcatchers will patrol the streets and alleyways once a week. The group of six members started at 5 am. They all have been given rabies vaccinations before starting the job.

Dogs without owners, collars or muzzles wandering will be caught. A similar project has also been held in HCM City. According to the official, the dogs will be fed and taken care so their owners have to pay VND500,000 (USD21.56) for the service along with the fine. 

The owners have 72 hours to come to pay a fine or the dogs may be put down.

Vu Quang Minh, head of the security guards in Ha Dinh Ward, said, "The most difficult thing is we lack equipment and experience. However, the team have quickly adapted and learned on the job."

Some photos of the group catching dogs on the evening of November 30:


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Source: Lao Dong/Dtinews

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