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Back to school season means disease risk

Students face several diseases at the beginning of the new school year, such as dengue fever, hand-foot-mouth disease, measles and flu, so epidemic prevention efforts should be strengthened, health experts warned.


Restoring normalcy for children born with rare skull deforms

Craniosynostosis, or congenital deformities caused by early fuse of different parts of the skull, are a rare condition that reportedly afflicts six out of 10,000 children in Việt Nam. T [ … ]


Việt Nam to use ComBe Five vaccine widely next month

The Indian-made ComBE Five vaccine will be used in a national expanded immunisation programme, replacing the Quinvaxem vaccine as of next month instead of this month as previously planned.

[ … ]

Doctor shortages plague Mekong Delta hospitals

Hospitals in the Mekong Delta continue to suffer from a shortage of general physicians and surgeons, especially for treating some major diseases like tuberculosis, leprosy and mental il [ … ]


2-year-old boy suffers from worms

Doctors at the Việt Đức Hospital have found round worm that damaged the intestines, ileum and cecum of a 2-year-old boy, causing fever and pain for six months. Surgeons removed his ileum and [ … ]


New regulation limits patient numbers

Đinh Thị Bích, a 60-year-old diabetic patient from the northern province of Ninh Bình, has regular check-ups at the National Hospital of Endocrinology in Hà Nội. Every time she goes for a ch [ … ]


Abuse of health insurance fund continues

Việt Nam Social Security (VSI) has reported that many hospitals have been found abusing the health insurance fund in the first six months of this year.


Health ministry checks anti-dengue efforts around country

The Ministry of Health is inspecting the preventive efforts in place against dengue fever in 16 provinces and cities where the disease is seeing an upward trend.


Hospital-infection control work key task of health sector

Hospitals and clinics in Việt Nam have started implementing surveillance of nosocomial infections and monitoring the hospital-infection control process, Deputy Minister of Health, Nguyễn Viế [ … ]


More methadone clinics

The Department of Health of the south-eastern province of Đồng Nai plans to set up at least one clinic in Long Khánh Town,  Biên Hòa City and every district by the end of next year to p [ … ]


Việt Nam rushes to improve elderly healthcare

Only 5.7 per cent of Việt Nam’s older people maintain good health—a worrisome sign as the country’s population is aging faster than almost any other country in the world, said Nguyễn Đức Côn [ … ]


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