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800,000 pregnant women to be vaccinated against H1N1

The Preventive Medicine and Environment Agency under the Ministry of Health announced that around 1.2 million doses of A/H1N1 vaccine donated by the World Bank will arrive in Vietnam next month.

H1N1 flu virus mutation detected in HK

Hong Kong's Department of Health announced Monday that it had found the same mutation in a H1N1 flu virus sample as the one detected in Norway recently.


Fish massage: Banned in US but expanding in Vietnam

Fish massage has been banned in 15 states in the US - in Vietnam it's uncontrolled and increasingly popular.


Measles outbreak fueled by lack of vaccine

Children with measles at Children’s Hospital No.2 in Ho Chi Minh City.Ho Chi Minh City has reported at least 10 young measles cases every day this month due to an inadequate supply of shots for the disease, doctors said.


Big pharma offer H1N1 vaccines at US$6.5-10 a dose

Four pharmaceutical multinationals have offered to sell swine flu vaccines to Vietnam at US$6.5-10 per dose.

People have broader immunity to A/H1N1 flu: study

A man receives an injection against the H1N1 flu disease (Schweinegrippe) in a minicipal health centre in Vienna Nov. 9, 2009.(Xinhua/Reuters Photo)People's immunity to A/H1N1 flu virus is greater than previously thought, a new study suggests. This may explain why the disease hasn't posed more problems, according to the study conducted by researc [ … ]

Diabetes attacking very young people in Vietnam, experts warn

The incidence of diabetes among very young people in Vietnam has increased significantly of late, and the country is among those with the fastest growing rate of patients, an expert says.


Small children a big problem

A mother breastfeeds her baby in Hanoi.Vietnam is among the 24 countries with the largest numbers of children under five years old who suffer from stunted growth.

Patent fraud

This photo, taken on November 11, shows the front of An Khang Medical Practice in Ho Chi Minh City’Dodgy practitioners of traditional medicine are preying on the vulnerable with outrageous prices and dangerous prescriptions.

Schools, classrooms provide poor eye care: conference

Around 2.8 million students in Vietnam have refraction problems and improper lighting at schools is a major cause, experts said at a Hanoi conference Wednesday.

Bird flu back again

Bird flu has returned after being quiet for some time, reported Veterinary Agency Vice-Chief Hoang Van Nam on November 2.

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