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Patient saved with metal pieces stuck in bronchi

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Doctors from the provincial Quảng Nam General Hospital successfully removed a number of pieces of metal from the bronchi of a patient through endoscopy surgery on August 9.

A patient recovers at the general hospital of Quảng Nam after an endoscopy surgery to remove metal pieces from his bronchi. — VNS Photo Lan Anh


Head of the surgical team, Dr Trình Trung Phong said the patient, 40, who suffered from mental disability was being cared for at a provincial centre. The man was admitted to the hospital with a terrible cough and difficulty breathing on August 3.

An X-ray sowed metal pieces stuck in the patient’s bronchi, leading to his lungs.

Doctors managed to remove the items, including the striker wheel of a lighter and a fishing hook, among others.

The patient is recovering well after the surgery, and will be released within several days.

This is the third case of doctors treating patients with objects stuck in their respiratory organs in the province since 2017.

A coin was removed from the esophagus of a five-year old girl, while an elderly man had a small stone removed from his lungs. 

Metal pieces removed from a patient in Quảng Nam Province. — VNS Photo Lan Anh



Source: VNS

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