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Events to promote responsible use of antibiotics held in global awareness week

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Three meetings on the responsible use of antibiotics were held across medical higher education institutions in Hà Nội and Hải Phòng to raise awareness of the issue amongst future doctors and nurses.

A meeting aiming to raise awareness of the responsible use of antibiotics was held by the health ministry at the Medical University of Hà Nội on November 13. — VNA/VNS Photo


The activities were part of the United Nations’ World Antibiotic Awareness Week starting Monday, November 12 with the theme “handle antibiotics with care,” especially regarding infections in livestock, aquaculture and agriculture production.

Speaking at the meeting, deputy minister Nguyễn Viết Tiến said that due to rampant usage of antibiotics in both humans and animals, antibiotic resistance has become “one of the biggest challenges” to the global population and development.

Antibiotic resistance has undermined several advancements made in medicines and treatment, deputy minister Tiến said, adding that organ transplantation, surgeries and chemotherapy would pose even more risks to patients without effective antibiotics to prevent and treat infections.

According to deputy minister Tiến, collective efforts are needed or humanity would revert to the dark days of “pre-antibiotic era.”

The health ministry asked that people only use antibiotics when prescribed by licensed doctors and physicians, follow doctors’ guidelines and never share their antibiotics with other people.

Pharmacies have been asked not to sell antibiotics without prescriptions, to provide quality antibiotics and to deliver adequate instructions for users on the right way to take the medicines.

Source: VNS

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