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The Vietnamese breakfast: More often out than in

Vietnamese people generally eat out regularly for breakfast, due to the variety of food choices, the amount of time and effort saved, and the sense of community in the act.


Tuan ‘dog’ and his lifelong quest to preserve the Phu Quoc Ridgeback

Le Quoc Tuan could not remember when people started calling him Tuan ‘dog,' but he never gets mad at such a nickname as it indicates just how passionate and devoted he is in preserving a rar [ … ]


Yoga trainer eases cancer patients’ pain

The 5.30am yoga class was over. Hurriedly wrapping up her mat, sweaty Đặng Thị Quỳnh Như could not spare time for a refreshing shower. After teaching the first class of the morning, she [ … ]


When new, crisp notes acquire ‘antique’ value

You want to change VND100,000 into smaller denominations, so you pay VND150,000, a 150 per cent commission or “service charge.”


Foreign domestics under scrutiny

On a recent weekend, Janet took two children she was taking care of home after watching a movie at the cinema. She then cooked lunch, fed them and tucked them in for a nap before cleaning th [ … ]


Buddhist monks offer free traditional treatments

Situated along Nhiêu Lộc Canal in HCM City’s District 1, Vạn Thọ (Longevity) Pagoda has been a trusted place for free traditional cures for sprains, fractures and muscle and bone injuries fo [ … ]


Australian Prime Minister enjoys his first ‘Bánh mì’ in Đà Nẵng

 Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Friday morning shared a bánh mì breakfast with Australian-Vietnamese celebrity chef Luke Nguyen at a local street food restauran [ … ]


Hanoi hospital opens weekly ‘cinema’ for children with cancer

Young cancer patients at a major hospital in Hanoi have been able to indulge in the fun and excitement of a variety of cartoons thanks to a weekly cinema recently opened at the infirmary.

[ … ]

Widow struggles to raise 13 children

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49-year-old Dang Thi Hai in Ha Dong District, Hanoi, has 14 children and calls them by number as it's easier to remember.


Vietnamese man fined for posting fake news to Facebook

A man in Ca Mau Province, located in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, was levied a VND10 million (US$438.4) fine after authorities were notified of fake news being posted from his Facebook account.

[ … ]

Hà Nội suburbs await outdoor gyms, playgrounds

The installation of exercising equipment in parks and other public areas has been an unqualified success in the capital city.


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