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Lunar New Year tradition blossoms in Vietnam

The naked, spiky-looking tree is not just Le Ham's pride and joy. It is his meal ticket.

Shopping season

Localities have provided enterprises with VND2.1 trillion (US$113.5 million) from their budgets so they can reserve more goods for the Tet (Lunar New Year) holidays to avoid rising prices and shortage [ … ]

Ethnology museum readies annual Tet festivities for kids

The Viet Nam Museum of Ethnology will organise a series of interesting events to celebrate the Tet (Lunar New Year) holidays from February 19 to 21, promising an enjoyable experience combining traditi [ … ]

Shopping online for Tet

Buying Tet gifts online has become an increasingly popular choice in Vietnam - especially with office workers.

Le Van, the man who sleeps with death

Newspaper readers around the world have been amazed by the story of a 55 year-old farmer who has been sleeping with his wife's remains for five years.

“Pavement” Caf?s

“Pavement sitters” enjoying coffee.

Find a shady place which gives you a wide range of things to observe, spread a piece of old newspaper on the pavement, sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee (or any other drink you like). This is a new s [ … ]


Gone abegging

Gripping: Two toddlers cling on to a tourist’s legs as part of their day’s work begging for alms. Gripping: Two toddlers cling on to a tourist's legs as part of their day's work begging for alms. Finding answers to panhandling has to begin with asking the right questions.

Life in big city–a cautionary tale for smart kids from the provinces

The lure of electronic games, gambling, fashionable clothes and high-faluting accents . . . the pitfalls are many for students from countryside who aspire to become townspeople.

Avowals of love criss-cross historic sites

Historic monuments like the Hoa Phong and But towers are covered by declarations of undying love by young people.

Newspaper expos? focuses attention on people behind child beggar bands

The herders share out the money they earn from exploiting the children.

Most every visitor to the Third World has become used to seeing child beggars. At first encounter, it's a shock, but in time the urchins seem to become just another unsolvable social problem, hardly m [ … ]


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