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Sick kids find solace in hospital class

On a Saturday morning in September, a special first day of school took place in a small room at HCM City’s Tumour Hospital.


How technology is changing lives in VN

Trần Mỹ Tiên is a hard-working employee of a famous bank in HCM City.


Vietnamese social entrepreneur helps save newborns at lowcost

The image of a white cloth covering dead newborn babies were shocking and vivid to Trang Tuyết Ngà.


The residents of Red River

The Red River that dissects Hà Nội takes its name from the colour of the silt that tints the water.


Children risk life and limb to collect bits of wood

Heavy rain in the past weeks has resulted in a high level of water and strong currents in streams and rivers in the northern province of Điện Biên. Despite the danger, local children have ta [ … ]


Criminal proceedings start against man for involvement in Carina Plaza fire

HCM City police on Tuesday began criminal proceedings against and detained Nguyễn Quốc Tuấn, head of the management board of Carina Plaza, for his alleged violations in fire safety regulatio [ … ]


US psychotherapist uses creativity to heal

American psychotherapist Douglas Holwerda, whose primary work is talk therapy for those who are dealing with life problems or mental health issues, never planned to move to Việt Nam—but now [ … ]


In Vietnam, judge assaulted with acid makes comeback

A Hanoi-based judge who suffered an acid attack thirteen years ago has surpassed colossal hurdles to return to her passion.


A photo of your kid could cost you $2,200

Minh Hằng is proud of her 14-year-old daughter and, like many parents, often posts pictures and videos of her on social media.


Sons-in-law fall foul of the law

Nguyễn Thị Tình and her husband from Hà Nội’s outlying district of Chương Mỹ have worked hard for years in the agricultural industry, saving their money in hopes of rebuilding their hou [ … ]


Parents struggle to find babysitters as temperatures drop

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Many parents in Hanoi are desperate to find a babysitter for their children as nursery and primary schools are closed as temperatures dropped to below 10 degrees on January 30.


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