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Uni faculty members accused of plagiarism

Numerous textbooks for university courses are copied from foreign sources. The authors of the copied works simply translated the originals into Vietnamese.



Time to overhaul Hanoi universities

260 out of 272 universities have announced a plan to overhaul and upgrade training quality, according to Deputy Minister of Education and Training Tran Quang Quy.



Scientists stirred by 3000-year-old sprouting paddy


While excavating a historical site in Hanoi’s Me Linh district, archaeologists discovered many burnt paddies in the layer of soil estimated to be 3000 years old. Ten of the paddies have sprouted wh [ … ]


Graduation rate at high schools tops 80% target

Nearly 83 per cent of people between the age of 18 and 21 in HCM City completed the 12th grade last year, which exceeded the target set by the city’s People’s Committee by 8 per cent, according to the [ … ]


Oceans' fish could disappear in 40 years: UN

The world faces the nightmare possibility of fishless oceans by 2050 unless fishing fleets are slashed and stocks allowed to recover, UN experts warned Monday.



Environment official confirms to strictly punish polluters

Related to newly-discovered cases of companies discharging untreated waste water into the environment, General Department of the Environment Chief Bui Cach Tuyen maintains that these violators must [ … ]


Industrial zones to be forced to think green

Viet Nam will impose stricter criteria for the development of industrial zones (IPs) to make them more environmentally friendly and attractive to investors, a senior official has said.



HCM City’s university takes Robocon 2010 champ

LH LED team from HCM City’s Lac Hong University won first prize at the Vietnam Robot Contest 2010, or Robocon, on Sunday night, May 16 in Dak Lak.



Government increases housing for students

The Vietnamese government has constructed 126 new dormitory apartments to meet the needs of 180,000 students for the upcoming academic year, 2010-2011.



A school well done

VVAF (Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation), Boeing, and the local community in Hai Hau, Nam Dinh Province, teamed together to erect a brand new 10 classroom building at Hai Hung Primary School.

[ … ]

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