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Documentaries prod viewers into discovering Vietnam

2009 was a landmark year for national television's documentary makers focusing on presenting Vietnam's natural treasures, its flora and fauna and diverse landscapes to a local audience.

Huge forest fire threatens Hoang Lien Son National Park

A fire in Lao Cai Province's Hoang Lien National Park has burnt more than 1,000ha of the park despite efforts by firefighters to control the blaze.

How overseas students celebrate Tet

There is not enough la dong (a kind of leaf) to wrap banh chung (rice cakes), no apricot blossoms, no peach blossoms and lessons still await overseas students, but they still can manage to welcome Tet [ … ]

Many nursery schools will open until the day before Tet

Nursery schools are registering to work over Tet holidays to earn more money.

New rules upset parents

Parents have disputed new regulations effective since December 12 covering the assessment of primary school students.

Green restaurant campaign spreads out from Hanoi

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has launched a new "Green Restaurant" Campaign in the northern province of Nam Dinh, which aims to persuade at least 150 restaurants not to serve wildlife foods.

Beating the drum for education on TV

An idea by Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan to ask Vietnam National Television (VTV) to reserve 15 seconds daily of prime time TV to promote education has raised debate.

U.S. shuttle Endeavour lifts off

The U.S. space shuttle Endeavour lifts off on Monday morning from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, on a 13-day construction mission to the orbiting International Space Station (ISS).

HCM City hosts workshop on wetlands management

More than 40 specialists on wetlands attended a recent workshop held in HCM City to share lessons learned from ongoing work in the Mekong Basin and identify priority areas for future work.

HCM City displays white tigers

The HCM City Zoo on February 7 opened its white tiger cage for the public.

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