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HCM City hosts workshop on wetlands management

More than 40 specialists on wetlands attended a recent workshop held in HCM City to share lessons learned from ongoing work in the Mekong Basin and identify priority areas for future work.

Hanoi “declares war” on plastic bags

By launching the program to reduce the use of plastic bags on January 30, the capital has "declared war" against plastic bags for the second time.

Earth Hour campaign 2010 launched in Vietnam

The campaign was kicked of in Vietnam on February 4, aiming to have the participation of at least 20 provinces and cities. Bandmaster Dang Chau Anh, TV host Thao Van and model Thuy Hang are the campai [ … ]

Toxic dust pollutes Khanh Hoa air, residents worried

Hyundai Vinashin Shipyard (HVS) in Khanh Hoa Province has begun using nix grains (copper slag for ship repairs) again. Once official offers:

We need to invest in observing climate change, says Minister

Minister Pham Khoi Nguyen.Because of the impact on Vietnam the country must have the technology to monitor the affects of climate change to rival even the wealthiest countries.

Annual carbon emissions climb to 80 mln tons

Economic development and population growth have pushed Vietnam’s carbon emissions from 14 million tons in 1980 to 80 millions in 2005, according to a recent World Bank study.

Power plant blames high treatment fees for toxic waste burial

Ho Chi Minh City-based Hiep Phuoc Power Plant on Thursday admitted burying untreated toxic waste over the past two years.

Soros proposes $100 billion for developing nations’ climate efforts

U.S. billionaire investor George Soros proposed Thursday that rich nations provide 100 billion U.S. dollars in additional funding for developing nations' projects to combat climate change by using the [ … ]

Carbon credits auctioned for first time in Vietnam

Hundreds of thousands of carbon credits or Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) related a project to collect and use associated gases from the Rang Dong oil field in the southern province of Ba Ria - [ … ]

Exhaust clouds Ho Chi Minh City as No. 1 pollutant

Emissions from vehicles and factories are the leading pollutants in Ho Chi Minh City, city officials said after checking air samples at major observation stations.

Grand strategy

A UN representative says many steps, big and small, must be taken toward sustainable development in the face of climate change.

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