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The dual benefits of climate change solutions

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Scientists from the Institute of Environmental Management Science have carried out research evaluating the dual environmental benefits brought by climate change adaptation solutions.

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Vietnam is one of the biggest sufferers from climate change


The benefits are often overlooked when assessing the effectiveness of solutions and policies because it is difficult to measure and quantify in cash.

This prompted scientists to refine the assessment methods for waste management, especially policies on mitigating the impact of climate change.

Greenhouse gas emissions from waste account for a small proportion, about 5.3 percent in 2000, of total emissions. However, emissions are expected to increase. 

The research focuses on assessing the dual environmental benefits from solutions in solid waste and waste water management.

The research quantifies the benefits to water and air environment quality improvement, showing how much money Vietnam can save on expenses for healthcare and how much money it can earn from the tourism industry if the environmental quality improves.

The solutions in controlling solid waste in urban areas have brought the biggest benefit, worth VND5,446.04 billion. 

Of this, the methane collection from landfills can bring benefits worth VND5,102.28 billion, while the program on making organic fertilizer brings VND343.76 billion.

Meanwhile, the treatment of urban waste water at centralized waste water treatment plants with aerobic and methane recovery from sludge treatment methods yields the second largest benefit (VND3,849.8 billion). The solution of recovering biogas from biogas tank system ranks third (VND3,760 billion). 

The industrial waste water treatment by anaerobic method in combination with methane recovery brings the smallest benefit among the solutions (VND2,575.54 billion).

Analyzing the calculations, scientists have identified three groups of dual benefits. 

The first is the potential revenue from selling CER certificates in the world market, estimated at VND460.58 billion, accounting for 3 percent. However, as the certificate price fluctuates, the revenue may change.

The second is the group of environmental benefits, worth VND4.819.62 billion, accounting for 30.85 percent. 

Of this, the improvement of the water and air environment quality can bring VND3.962.26 billion and the reduction in expenses on healthcare services could be up to VND736.86 billion. Besides, the revenue of the tourism sector may increase by VND120.5 billion.

The third is other associated with economic benefits, including energy, fertilizer and land fund saving, estimated at VND10,351.21 billion, or 66.15 percent.

Vietnam has been one of five countries most affected by the natural disaster and climate change in the world. It suffers 10- 15 typhoons and flash flood year by year, causing a damage of 50 percent of land.



Source: Thien Nhien - VietNamNet

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