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Will geomagnetic storms hit Vietnam in 2018?

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Geomagnetic storms this year will not be strong in intensity and thus not likely to affect people’s health.

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Geomagnetic storms operate in a 11-year cycle


In an interview with Kham Pha (discovery) journal, Dr Ha Duyen Chau, senior researcher of the Geophysics Institute, said scientists say that geomagnetic storms operate in a 11-year cycle.

Records showed that geomagnetic storms were very strong in 1957, 1968, 1979, 1989, 2001 and 2015, with record high numbers.

The most recent geometric storms were seen in 2015 when 50 storms occurred within a year. These included storms at G4 level. There are five levels, from G1 to G5.

After 2015, geomagnetic storms weakened. Thirty four storms were recognized in 2016 and 30 in 2017 with very weak intensity. However, a storm at G4 level occurred on September 7-8.

“We believe that geomagnetic storms will continue to be weak this year with a similar number of storms as in 2017 and will all have low intensity,” Chau said.

“It is expected that geomagnetic storms will reach the minimum level in 2019-2020 and maximum level in 2024-2025,” he said.

Scientists say magnetic storms have influences on human health. Studies show that people with cardiovascular, brain, and osteoarthritis disease are sensitive to the magnetic field of magnetic storms. 

This is because there are magnetic cells in brain, heart and bone. When magnetic storms come, they generate pulses. These pulses will affect the magnetic cells causing fatigue, headaches, shortness of breath and nausea.

Dr Chau says that geomagnetic storms of 200nT upwards will harm human’s health.

Studies cannot find evidence showing that geomagnetic storms can directly cause death. However, research by the former Soviet Union found that the number of people dying of heart diseases increased by 30 percent in the years when geomagnetic storms were at a maximum level.

Geomagnetic storms also threaten oil pipelines and electricity. A 735kV high-voltage power transmission system in Québec (Canada) was shut down for nine hours, causing billions of dollars in damage due to a severe G5 storm that occurred on March 13, 1989.

However, Chau said that only very strong storms would cause such impact, while G1-G3 storms would not cause significant effects.

In 2012, there were 32 storms including 18 G1 (very weak) ones, 12 G2 (weak) and 2 G3 (medium). There were 17 storms in 2013, 22 storms in 2014, 49 storms in 2015 with 2 G5 storms. 


Source: VietNamNet

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