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The wild orchid garden of Pham Vo Hiep

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Having been in love with wild orchids since childhood, Pham Vo Hien from the Eahleo district of Dak Lak province, has not hesitated to cross dangerous forest paths to find rare and precious orchids.

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There are 125 orchid species in the garden


His garden, just 72 square meters large, now has 125 wild orchid species.

Hien nurtured the dream of developing a wild orchid garden at a very young age, but he could only begin implementing his dream in 2010, when he returned from HCMC after years of working there to earn a living.

“I visited the habitat of each orchid species in the woods and started bringing orchids home to grow in my garden,” he said. 

“Each trip to the forest took me 4-5 days, during which I only had time to learn about one species. I had to eat and sleep in the forest and got snake and mosquito bites. But  nothing could prevent me from continuing going to the forest,” he said.  

“I am addicted to going to the forest. I have to take 2-3 trips a week, or I will feel bored,” he added.

His great efforts have been rewarded: there are 125 orchid species growing in his garden, including rare and precious ones such as gia hac (Dendrobium anosmum), hoang thao (Dendrobium) and nghinh xuan (Rhynchostylis gigantean).

According to Hien, each orchid species has its own characteristics and requires different temperature and habitats. The orchids grown at the height of over 1,000 meters cannot develop well at the height of several hundreds of meters. 

At first, he thought it would be easy to grow orchids he could water and fertilize more frequently. However, contrary to his expectations, the orchids he grew faded and died. 

Later, when Hien had more experience and knowledge, his orchids developed well.

Loving orchids, but Hien will give orchids back to the forest if he cannot ‘tame’ them.

“Orchids can be beautiful if they can develop in a natural way,” he said.

Most of the forests in the Central Highlands have Hien’s footprints. Soon after hearing about new orchid species, he will go to the forests to find them. 

He only collects, gives and exchanges orchids with collectors and gardeners who do not sell the plants.

When asked about his plans, he said he wants to develop more rare and precious orchids, so that everyone can enjoy orchids and conserve them.


Source: VietNamNet

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