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Another mass fish death in lakes near Ha Long Bay

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Mass fish deaths have been found in lakes near the UNESCO world heritage site of Ha Long Bay.

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Fish die en mass in the lakes near Ha Long Bay


The dead tilapias have drifted the shore along with rubbish, creating a bad smell and affecting local people. 

According to local residents, most of the fish were found dead at drains from nearby residential areas and real estate projects. The fish then drifted into the Ao Ca detention basin in Hung Thang Ward.

Le Mai Hoa from Hung Thang Ward said that her family had to close the door all day to avoid the smell.

Dead fish have appeared in lakes in Hung Thang Ward many times, but no action has been taken to deal with this. The lakes were dredged, but  just a short time after that they become polluted again.

More seriously, the lakes discharge water directly into Ha Long Bay.

Hoang Quang Hai, vice chairman of Ha Long City People’s Committee, said that local authorities will check the detention basin. He also admitted the mass fish deaths previously was due to the basin pollution.

Earlier in May 10, a large amount of dead fish was found in the detention basin.

The pollution at the basin will affect the environment at Ha Long Bay as there are some pipes connecting them. The province spent hundreds of billions of VND on lake dredge.



Source: Dtinews

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