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Hanoi vows to eradicate invasive exotic plants to protect local flora

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Mai duong tree, or Trinh nu than go (Mimosa pigra), an invasive exotic species, has been growing vigorously in Hanoi’s suburbs in recent years, harming the local ecosystem. 

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Mai duong is common in many areas


Mai duong is common in many areas - urban, rural, agricultural, hilly, riverine lands, lagoons, dams, and forest ecosystems. The plant is mostly seen on abandoned land along rivers, the middle area of rivers, and deserted fields. 

Scientists say when seeds of the plants fall, they drift away with the water current and grow where they reach. 

Therefore, it is necessary to eradicate them with chemicals before the rainy season to restrict germination and reproduction. 

If there is no radical solution to exterminate all the trees, the State will have to pay more money to do it later.

Containing mirnosin, a kind of amino acid, mai duong can poison other plant species. However, many people are not aware of the danger of the plant. They consider it a weed and will pick it if necessary. 

They also believe that mai duong can help restrict land erosion and prevent movement of livestock and poultry. 

"In fact, this species grows too fast and invades vigorously, thus hindering the development of the local indigenous vegetation, causing biodiversity and ecosystem degradation. 

It invades land production, and damages and reduces the efficiency of transportation and irrigation works," said Mai Trong Thai, the director of the Hanoi Environmental Protection Agency.

The Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and the Environment has been working with the city’s Farmer Association to offer classes to train farmers on how to eradicate mai duong. Two training courses will be organized this October for hundreds of farmers.

According to Thai, there are three ways to eradicate mai duong plants – manually, chemically and biologically. The third method is used in some countries, including Australia and Thailand, but not in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, the commonly used method is spraying a solution of sodium chloride NaCl with a concentration of 10 to 60 grams per liter to clear chlorophyll of plants. After two weeks, people will uproot them, dry them in the sun, and burn them.

The measure is simple, easy to implement, and not costly.

Hanoians have been urged to use the first two methods in the immediate time to control and eradicate mai duong as they are safe and not costly.


Source: VNN

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