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Sam Son beach ravaged by rubbish and erosion

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Sam Son beach in Thanh Hoa Province is falling in popularity due to erosion and pollution.

Sam Son beach ruined by erosion and rubbish 


Sam Son is one of the most famous beaches in Thanh Hoa and central region. It receives millions of visitors each year. However, many people have deserted the beach now due to erosion and pollution.

The authorities in Sam Son City has built a 200-metre embankment along Ho Xuan Huong Street and covered it with sand. But when the tides rose, it swept away the sand and left behind rubbish. Many children have stepped on metal pieces while playing near the embankment.

"No one dares to go out there for a swim anymore," said Vu Thi Quyet, a local in Sam Son City.

She went on to say that the authorities only publish images of beautiful corners of the beach and have failed to deal with the eroded and polluted parts.

Sam Son already lost a beach in Quang Cu and Trung Son wards after building a wharf there. The area was badly ruined by oil, rubbish and bad odour. In order to go to a clean beach that is a kilometre away, visitors have to take a bus. During rush hours, they have to walk.

According to Luong Van Hoang, deputy head of Quang Cu Ward People's Committee, they have received many complaints from hotel owners as the beach is too eroded and polluted to receive visitors. Hoang said they would clean up the beach before summer but preventing erosion is still their first priority.

Rubbish on Sam Son beach


There are 10 hotels with over 2,000 rooms in the affected area. Nguyen Duy Hanh, the owner of Phu Hong Hotel, urged the authorities to remove the embankment and clean the beach. "We are willing to pay for it," he said.

Tran Chi Minh, head of Minh Hanh Hotel, said, "Many groups cancelled their contracts with hotels after witnessing the site. If the authorities don't do anything, we may have to shut down the hotel."

Luong Van Thang, chairman of Sam Son City said, "As a temporary solution, we'll decorate the beach with flowers and remove them when storm season comes. We don't have the money for a long-term solution for erosion yet. We'll report to the provincial authorities to hire a firm to research, consult and find the best solution for this problem."

He also said they had asked ward authorities to deal with dirty wharves.



Source: Dtinews

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