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Hau Giang Province's Cai River polluted by sugarcane factory

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A local sugarcane factory in Hau Giang Province has been identified as the main cause of the severe water pollution in the area.

Hau Giang Province's Cai River polluted by sugarcane factory

Polluted Cai River


The case came to light after the locals filed complaints about the situation. The section of Cai River which runs through Long My District was severely polluted. On May 2, the polluted water reached the centre of Long My Commune.

As a result, 6,000 households didn't have fresh water for daily use. Up to 16 households reported that their farmed fish, eels and frogs died en mass. Total damage is estimated at VND300m.

After monitoring Cai River and nearby canals from March 22 to May 2, Hau Giang People's Committee had recorded four discharges that caused the water in the river and the canals to turn black with a foul smell.

Hau Giang authorities have reported and asked for directives from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. They also asked related agencies to inspect the site.

The results show that there are various discharge sources along Cai River, however, the main cause comes from a sugarcane factory of Long My Phat Alcohol Sugarcane Company. The company will be investigated and punished if any violation is found.

The police, Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the inspectorate under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will start the investigation and inspect the environmental protection work at the factory.

In regards to other discharges, Hau Giang's authorities will ask agencies to raise public awareness about the environment. A council will be set up to calculate the damages and have solutions.


Source: Dtinews

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