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Parents send children to pre-school classes

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Many parents in big cities are rushing to send their children to nurseries opened by private schools, aiming to help them prepare for first grade. 

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A class to prepare for first grade at Doan Thi Diem Greenfield School


Over the recent years, most private schools in Hanoi offer courses for children that offer life skills, language development as well as music, dance and drawing.  

Newton Grammar School has launched two pre-first grade courses with the fees of VND4.4 million (USD200) each. The course lasts for four months starting from January and children learn on every Saturday. Those participating in the second course, which is from early June to late July, will learn from every Monday to Friday.

Pascal Primary and Secondary School have also held such two courses with the same fees. Lots of parents have registered for the service since late 2017.

These classes are also organised at Doan Thi Diem Greenfield School with the fees of VND5 million (USD228), excluding costs for learning materials.

Lots of other private schools in Hanoi such as Everest Primary and Secondary School, Ban Mai Primary School and Brendon Primary School have followed the suit with the fees ranging from VND3.5 million to VND4.2 million.

For many schools, after the courses, children will be selected directly for the first grade without having to pass entrance tests.

Parents bring their children to such classes because they are worried that their children may fall behind.

Demand at some private primary schools is very high and the schools select their intake even at an early age through testing.

Source: Dtinews/Vietnamnet