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The Hanoi student who loves mathematics

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Nguyen Tuan Hoang is not only one of the five top scorers on the high school entrance exams with 18.75 of 20 score, but also placed first on the entrance exam to mathematics major class of the Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted.

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The best students in Hanoi with 45/50 scores are attending the school. 

“I believed I would get high scores, but I could not imagine that I would be among the top scorers, because I know my friends all are good learners,” Hoang said. 

With a passion for mathematics, Hoang also took the exams for the math majoring classes of the high school for the gifted under the Hanoi University of Education and the high school for the gifted under the Hanoi University of Natural Sciences, at which he was in the top three and top five scorers, respectively.

Hoang’s mother and father both are physicians and studied at mathematics majoring classes at high schools for the gifted in the past. That partially helped Hoang win many high prizes at mathematics competitions in grammar school.

Hoang said mathematics is just like his companion from childhood. His father also loves mathematics and he is ready to exchange views on math questions at any time.

However, Lan said, in most cases, Hoang has to manage himself to solve questions. If he finds it too difficult, he consults teachers and friends. 

When asked about the secret of learning math, Hoang said he reads a lot of documents, including the ones in English, to improve his knowledge. He also collects and tries to solve interesting questions in domestic and international math journals.

Hoang doesn’t ignore other learning subjects, while Hoang got a 9 for literature at the high school entrance exams.

“Perhaps my greatest success is arranging my time in a reasonable way, so I don’t feel tired if I have to learn one subject for too long. This is why I can gain stable achievements for all subjects,” Hoang said.

He went on to say that the logical thinking that I have thanks to learning math has helped him a lot in learning other subjects, including social sciences and English. 

He spends much time each day practicing English, because he believes foreign language skills can serve as an important tool to access academic knowledge.


Source: VietNamNet

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