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High school students win top prizes at tech creativity competitions

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The passion for knowledge has helped students from district high schools invent machines useful for people and businesses in the central province of Ha Tinh.

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Tran Van Phong and Bui Long Nhat 


Tran Van Phong and Bui Long Nhat from Cam Xuyen High School have created a machine that distributes feed to farmed fish. The product won over hundreds of competitors to win second prize at the 8th National Youth Technological Creativity Competition.

Phong and Nhat said in their commune, many households live on aquaculture, so they can observe the process of taking care of shrimp and other aquatic species. One day, they decided to create a machine which can distribute feed to fish equally and quickly, work that has been done manually. 

Phong was in charge of designing the model, creating and testing the machine, while Nhat suggested ideas, did support works and improved it.

The machine has many different functions, from distributing feed to collecting waste and observing the feeding process through a camera system. It can move to different places and operate with remote control. 

The two students had to go to every corner in the locality to collect used equipment and materials which they later restored and recycled to serve production. This allowed them to minimize production costs.

Asked about the difficulties he had when working on the machine, Phong said he  intended to give up when troubles occurred with the machine. However, he continued as he was encouraged by parents and teachers.

According to Nguyen Truong Son, a teacher at Cam Xuyen High School, the strong point of the machine is that it can provide the amount of feed just sufficient to fish. 

This saves feed. Therefore, there won’t be anything left over which sinks into the ponds’ bottom, which will help fish avoid disease and develop well.

“The invention helps cut the production cost and is highly applicable,” he said.

Besides the feed distribution machine, Phong and Nhat also made other inventions, including multifunctional furniture and an automatic power switching on/off system for household use.

Nguyen Nhat Lam, also a high school student from Ha Tinh, has won the second prize at a technological creativity competition for the northern provinces for his laser engraving machine. 

In early May 2016, Lam began working on the machine and he completed the machine eight months later.

When computers receive orders, it will process images and words that need to be engraved and convert them into gcode files. After that, it sends gcode commands to the central processing unit via SD memory cards. The central processing unit accepts the command and regulates the motor to create products.


Source: Kham Pha - VietNamNet

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