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Stanford graduate returns to Vietnam to “create new value”

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“Of all ways, starting up is the only way which allows you to create new value which never existed before,” said Pham Kim Hung, CEO of Base Inc, called the ‘golden boy’ of Vietnam’s math community.

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Pham Kim Hung, CEO of Base Inc


After graduating from Stanford University in 2012, Hung refused attractive job opportunities in the US and returned to Vietnam.

Many Vietnamese overseas students of the 8x-9x generations also returned to Vietnam after the graduation. But it was a little bit different for Hung. At first, Hung intended to stay in the US, because he thought he needed to do something to repay the good deed he received from Stanford.

“However, the thing talked about the most at Stanford is what to do to create new value, and this is the way the famous school expects from Stanford’s people. And that was why I decided to come back to Vietnam. I have to create new value to build up my country,” Hung said.

With strength in math and technology and with a dream of creating new value, Hung decided to realize his ambitions. 

“Luckily, I met the people who share the same passion. And we finally found necessary answers,” he said.

Hung said when working with many businesses, he realized they have to install a lot of apps to serve their work. This prompted him to create an open platform – Base - where they can choose suitable apps.

‘Base’ integrates the apps of multiple vendors on the same platform and environment, even though the apps are built with separate languages and structure.

Thanks to the platform, management officers can see the overall picture of businesses which allows them to make more accurate decisions to boost business performance, reduce production cost and increase revenue.

Some Base’s products are well known in the market, such as Base E-Hiring, the platform that supports recruitment management; Base Wework, a working space and project management; and Base OKRs.

Pham Kim Hung was born in 1987. 

In 2004, Hung won the first prize at the national math Olympiad and the gold medal at the 45th International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO).

In 2005, Hung once again won the first prize at the national math Olympiad and the silver medal at the 46th International Mathematics Olympiad. In 2007-2012, he studied at Stanford University. 

In 2016, Hung was named in Forbes’ 30 Under 30.



Source: VietNamNet

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