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Schools lack teachers as enrollments swell

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Schools in HCMC have complained they cannot find enough teachers for the new academic year. The same situation exists in Da Nang, Quang Ngai and other cities and provinces.

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HCMC is lacking teachers 


Director of the HCMC Education & Training Department Le Hong Son said the recruitment of teachers for preschools, primary and secondary schools is going slowly. 

In some districts, schools can begin recruiting new civil servants from October 2018. Meanwhile, students returned to school on August 20.

Luu Hong Uyen from the district 6’s education sub-department said each school in the locality needs one or two more teachers, and the recruitment campaign still continues. 

Ta Tan from the Tan Phu district education sub-department, said the biggest problem for Tan Phu is the lack of teachers of English for primary schools. The district needs 44 teachers, but there are only eight applicants.

In district 12, according to Khuu Manh Hung, head of the district’s education sub-department, local schools need 197 teachers urgently. In previous years, the district had to organize three to four recruitment campaigns to find enough teachers for different education levels.

Under the new regulation, teachers can apply for jobs at the schools in HCMC without having permanent residence in HCMC. However, despite the loosened requirements, schools still lack teachers, especially teachers of English.

It is estimated that over 70 percent of students at primary schools in HCMC are following the intensive English training program, which means the demand for teachers is high. However, qualified teachers would rather teach at foreign language centers than at schools because of the low pay offered by the latter.

According to Tan, the current requirements for teachers of English make it difficult for schools to recruit teachers. Only candidates with pedagogic certificates in English can be recruited. 

Meanwhile, teachers meeting the requirements do not want to work for primary schools.

An education expert pointed out that while preschools, primary and secondary schools lack teachers, the number of candidates for high school teachers is more than sufficient.

The high schools and three continuing education centers in the city need 363 teachers and 62 officers for the 2018-2019 academic year. But there are 1,682 candidates for the posts.

The city is seeking 18 physics teachers, while there are 271 applicants. 

However, Lien Chieu district in Danang needs 79 primary school teachers, but there are only 52 applicants. Ngu Hanh Son district has found 21 applicants, while it needs 34.



Source: VietNamNet

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