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Expert issues alarms over deviant behavior among youth

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Psychology experts expressed concern over the increased number of deviant behaviors committed by youth after a 21-year-old female student threw her newborn through a 31st floor window.

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Education experts emphasize the importance of family education


Dr Nguyen Hoi Loan, a psychology expert from the Hanoi University of Social Sciences and Humanities, believes the student had been acting normally. Her teachers and friends said the female student has a beautiful singing voice and usually attends extracurricular activities organized by the school and class. 

Loan said the deviant behavior by many young people is the result of insufficient education in life skills and psychology. 

“In many families, especially ones in urban areas, children fall into neglect as their parents are too busy,” Loan commented.

“There are many things for children and young people to learn, and they need to have good family ethical education to adapt to society and the schooling environment. They need to learn how to behave and treat their relationships, including love and friendship.

“In my opinion, the reason comes from the lack of family education foundation. Therefore, when making their way in the world, they are easily trapped by virtual values,” he said.

Two years ago, the public was stirred up by the information that a female student in Khanh Hoa province set fire to the healthcare room at her school just to obtain a certain number of ‘likes’ on Facebook.

Emphasizing the importance of family education, Loan said many young people live away from parents or study overseas, but they still can become useful citizens of society. Tradition and family culture act as solid foundation that help people go the right direction and overcome problems in life.

Education experts have repeatedly voiced concern over students’ deviant behaviors, saying that it is urgent to build a cultural environment in school. 

Many cases have been reported in the recent years. A student tried to burn a school just because he wanted more ‘likes’ on Facebook.

A survey by Hoang Gia Trang from the Vietnam Education Science Institute released in 2016 showed that one-fourth of polled students considered playing truant ‘normal behavior’. 

A survey conducted on 1,000 students from secondary schools and Hanoi University in 2016 showed that 15.2 percent have sent erotic messages and images to others through phones.

The misconduct in the school environment, such as truancy, cribbing and swearing, happens every day.

A report released by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) and UNICEF in early 2017 showed that 84 percent of students said they felt insecure at school. 



Source: VietNamNet

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