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Compulsory social insurance required of foreign workers in Việt Nam starting from 2018

Social insurance authorities in Việt Nam are developing a compulsory social insurance scheme for foreign workers in the country, citing the need to follow international practices as the country deepens integration.


Occupational diseases on the rise among workers

After two years of working at a factory in Ha Noi, mechanic Huỳnh from the central region finds it hard to hear conversations unless his companions talk loudly.


Underpaid labourers choose to work overtime

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A survey by the Việt Nam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL) conducted in March and April on 2,500 workers revealed that labourers work overtime for the extra money, not because they want [ … ]


Job opportunities ripe for agriculture graduates

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Some 70 per cent of agriculture freshmen have found jobs after six months of graduation and 91 per cent of them have been employed after a year, an agriculture expert said.


Workers need new skills for digital manufacturing age

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Nguyễn Thị Lương, 34, of Cầu Tre Export Goods Processing Joint-Stock Company has shown creative skills in her work to help raise labour productivity for her company.


Retirement age unchanged this year

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The National Assembly Standing Committee will not put the retirement age increase plan on its agenda this year.


Vocational learning: pathway to success

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Nguyễn Văn Thiết had dreamed of winning the ASEAN Skills Competition, but when his parents insisted that he apply for university, his hopes were dashed.


Unions urged to train for digital manufacturing age

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Trade unions in Việt Nam have been urged to carry out programmes that would raise awareness about the importance of workers learning new skills for the digital manufacturing age.


Only 4.9 percent of workers spend unemployment benefits on vocational course

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Vietnamese workers pay little attention to improving their skills, a concern as the country is entering the Industrial Revolution 4.0, said Vice President of the Vietnam General Confederatio [ … ]


Labourers urged to improve skills for industrial

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 A majority of Vietnamese labourers may face unemployment in the next 10 years when industrial revolution 4.0 kicks in as their weak and outdated skills cannot meet the demand of enterprises [ … ]


HCM City thirsty for skilled tourism labourers

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Despite being dubbed the leading economic sector of HCM City, the city’s tourism sector is struggling with a lack of qualified human resources.


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