Sex change process too costly for Vietnamese

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Many people have used illegal services or sub-standard hormones because the cost for overseas sex reassignment surgery is too costly in Vietnam.

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Laws on sex changes discussed at a conference held by the Ministry of Health in Hanoi on November 17


The problem was discussed at a conference about laws on sex changes held by the Ministry of Health on November 17. 

Deputy head of the Ministry of Health's Legal Department Nguyen Huy Quang cited a survey as saying that 0.3% to 0.5% of the world population is transgender and 71 countries have recognised transgender people's rights.

"In Vietnam, there are about 500,000 people want to change their gender," Quang said. "They not only face health risks and prejudice from society and families but also difficulties in legal documents. However, there is no special medical service for those who want to change their gender and they cannot find any official consultancy about taking hormones at home."

A survey by the Asia-Pacific Transgender Network showed that 60% of surveyed people said they had never had health check-up or consulted before using hormones. The survey also said that the cost for the whole sex change process can go from VND23m (USD1,000) to over VND1.5bn. 

Female to male reassignment surgery costs USD6,478, and USD5,641 for male to female surgery. Few people in Vietnam can afford to travel abroad for a proper sex reassignment surgery. As a result, they seek out illegal clinics or hormones of unknown origins.

Quang said the laws on sex change would recognise transgender people's rights and legalise sex reassignment surgery in Vietnam.



Source: dtinews 

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